Casting The Net, Dicksons Boat Yard Residency: Progression of Works


All busy at the boat yard.

Its been a very busy and exciting two weeks in the boat yard. The restoration team are pulling everything together, so much so that visually,the boat changes with every new visit .Visit one,the hull changes colour, visit two,the rudder is added, visit three the sail is painted and visit four  the deck is painted and the necessary accessories are added. Its pure joy to see this  transpire

So, as you can see, i have produced a painting of the deck of the boat ‘Good Hope’ on perspex. The view is from the mezzanine level of the boat yard, capturing a mid restoration reference.The painting is on perspex so the viewer can fully connect with the environment of the boat yard and hopefully look through the painting to the fully restored Boat in all its glory out in the forecourt with the back drop of the Harbour. Ahhh tis a mere dream at this point. We shall see.


 There is another large painting on perspex capturing the original pulley systems hanging down from an Acro prop which just so happens to be supporting the Boat in its upright position.The whole workshop is full of  wonderful objects in varying stages of repair. So the painting may replace the original objects, representing the traditional skills used in abundance and the sense of community the project has created.



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