2 responses to “Contact

  1. Hello Kevin
    It was great to bump in to you yesterday! So I thought I’d track you down…good to hear about your busy studies even if it is keeping you away from EP for a while!
    I was wondering if your family would like to meet up with us one day? Ava is nearly 9, Quinn 5. Quinn will be starting school this year, they go to the gaelic school. I will be taking them out of school, just on Fridays – a 2 day weekend just isn’t long enough! Hoping this will give us more time for outdoor adventures and all that comes with it. But if you didn’t mind I would love to ask you about your home schooling with your kids? Perhaps we could meet up at Tyninghame one day? Or come to our patch of Leith Links community Croft for an outdoor meal one day? Or we could head towards where you live…?
    Had a look at your gallery page – beautiful!
    Look forward to hearing from you, Sonja Witts (aka grumpy person sometimes to be spied in litho area 😉

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